Defying the Odds: 1 Student at a Time with the Valencia Foundation #CFLGood

Watch this video! Warning: Get a tissue ready. Get ready to believe someone can inspire others and change your mind on giving someone a chance to prove you wrong.

Defying the Odds: Angel’s Story

This story is what Valencia College is all about. Many times an open institution such as Valencia College gives students a second chance. Valencia Foundation is one of those organization that help make this a reality for many of those students, who financially wouldn’t be able to stay in college.

Angel spoke to us at our Academic Assembly and his was the only person that morning that received a standing ovation from all the faculty and staff. He is an example for others in this situation and had a conversation on stage with our President Shugart. Both an enlightening and hopefully story that lets every educator know they can make a difference.

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What is  ”Blogging for Good” presented by the Rollins Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Center?

It  is a social media campaign where bloggers raise awareness about local nonprofits and encourage their readers to enter a raffle. Raffle dollars go directly to the charities. By uniting the social media power of over 250 bloggers, we promise to make a difference!

The Valencia Foundation is the first on my list because it’s the easiest for me to brag about. I’m part of it’s board of directors, which is comprised of nearly 60 community leaders who volunteer their time and talents to support scholarships, faculty chairs, and learning programs. The Valencia Foundation raises dollars to develop scholarships for students in need to make education possible for thousands.

Why are scholarships important? Of the top five reasons students cite for dropping out of college, four are financial. Because many of Valencia’s students are working a full-time or several part-time jobs — as well as balancing family, community, volunteer and personal commitments — scholarships make a tremendous difference in their ability to attend college and make a difference in our community. I’m a scholarship recipient from the University Club of Orlando and was able to attend both a community college and university. I might have not been able to complete my degree without these scholarships.

It’s amazing to hear the stories from former recipients of the Valencia Foundation scholarship and what impact their education has made in their lives. The Valencia Foundation maintains over 650 named scholarships, academic support funds, endowed teaching chairs and fellowships. With a promise that 100 percent of donations are used exclusively for our donors’ intended purpose, such as scholarship and endowments.

Valencia Foundation Basket Blogging for Good

How can you help?

  • Share the Valencia Foundation story with the community
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