How to go Paperless for a Conference #CFLBLOGCON

Wondering about how Central Florida Blogger Conference (CFLBlogCon) went paperless this year for its 250+ participants, thus saving tons of trees?

How would you like a digital and social agenda that has a mobile app that let’s you see which of your friends plan on attending the same session? This was made possible by using

Check out the schedule for the day and awesome speakers:

Watch this video on in action for CFLBlogCon on my iPhone.

CFLBlogCon Confence Guide Example
Next, how do you get a fully functional PDF Conference Guide with tons of videos, links, and info and lots of presentations/notes out to participates? How do you control the space they are deployed into by location?  This is done through a local startup called Doccaster, where we can deploy or have participants/speakers/sponsors deploy all the handouts, presentations, and conference guides digitally. Saving trees, gaining analytics, and tying it to a location. is a free tool which gives people in the same location a super easy way to quickly distribute, share, and discuss your documents from their desktop or mobile device.

Watch this video to learn how easy it really can be:

  • Quickly distribute and share new or change documents to everyone around you.
  • Engage the people in your location or leave a question for the author of the document.
  • Instantly download, view, bookmark or even discuss any document within 15 mile radius of you.
  • No device-to-device connections needed or complicated hoops to jump through. Use Doccaster in any location.

CFLBlogCon locker on DoccasterVisit Doccaster and check into CFLBlogCon to view our Conference Guide and other docs being uploaded.

Can’t wait to update this blog with some of the analytics and participate feedback after the event.

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