Revisit: Real-time Visualization of Tweets

Revisit is a real-time visualization of the latest tweets around a specific topic(s) or hashtag. It can be used to create your own twitter wall at a  conference, a visual display at your company, or interactive display in the classroom. In contrast to other twitterwalls, it provides a sense of the temporal dynamics in the twitter stream, and emphasizes the  conversational threads established by retweets and replies.

The visualization and relationship of the tweets gives Revisit a unique look. Revisit lets you customize by choosing the search terms, giving it a title, choosing the maximum number of tweets to display (under 200 is recommended), and the option to show only tweets from today.

Here is one created by using the #smedu hashtag as the search term:

Revisit Screen Shot

Here is another sample using Revisit default sample showing even more relationship between tweets, replies, and retweets.

Revisit Sample

Due to limitations in the twitter API, only tweets from the last 8 days show up in the query. Also, retweets using twitter’s own retweet feature will not be recognized, as the necessary queries would quickly exceed
the API rate limits.

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