#AFC11 Retiree Commission Presentation: Social Media = Social Good

I was asked to present at the AFC (Association of Florida Colleges) Convention in Naples,FL for the Retiree Commission on Social Media. Only having 30 minutes to present, I really need to figure out the message I wanted for the audience to receive without overloading them with information. I knew teaching a social media tool was out because 30 minutes would never be enough time without people wanting lots more or feeling rushed. I finally decided that I wanted to get a message to them on how social media can enhance their lives and give them some additional links to get them on the right path at the end.

I decided to focus on three main areas: Connection, Learning, and Networking.

My tag line for the presentation:

“Social Media = Social Good: Connecting, Learning, & Networking. Social Media isn’t just a fad, it’s a revolution that has changed the way we take in news, communicate, learn, and build relationships. Just sit back, relax and open your mind to a world that didn’t exist a few years ago.”

Check out this SlideShare presentation : Social media = social good http://slidesha.re/rFH0bV

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