Knovio Visual Storytelling Platform

Knovio Visual Storytelling Platform

This post brought to you by Knovio. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Professor Josh.

Static presentation can be boring and hard to engage an audience. Think about the last time someone asked you to just read a PowerPoint presentation. Wasn’t that exciting and educational, huh? I have talked about screencasting before as a way to turn your PowerPoint presentation into a guided video but let’s take it to another level. Recently, I discovered Knovio, the visual storytelling platform that lets you turn your mundane presentation into interactive presentation. The free limited version of Knovio is available to upload PowerPoint presentation and PDF files to for recording both audio and webcam to the presentation. The free version is limited to five active presentations and up to 7 minutes per presentation, plus it’s missing a few extra features available in Knovio Pro. Knovio Recording It really only take 3 basic steps to start creating in Knovio:

  1. Upload your PowerPoint or PDF presentation in Knovio
  2. Record your video and audio commentary
  3. Share it privately, or with the world on social media

Knovio Mobile Sharing

Knovio Pro is available for $15 a month or discounted rates based on quarterly and annual subscriptions. But what extras do you get for this nominal fee?

  • Both desktop and mobile (iPad, iPhone) versions
  • Unlimited number of presentations
  • Unlimited length of presentations but can be limited on mobile depending on the devices memory limitation.
  • Support for PowerPoint animations
  • Programmable zoom control
  • Clickable chapter navigation
  • Dynamic synchronized footnotes
  • Import slides from multiple presentation files, including PowerPoint and PDF.
    Knovio Mobile Adding Presentations
  • Export to high-definition 720p or 1080p video files (for posting to YouTube, SlideShare, or other video services)
  • Access to a library of customizable player design templates
  • Email notifications when someone watches your presentation
  • Access to the KnowledgeVision Enhance App to polish up your presentations

When exploring more about Knovio Pro, I stumbled upon Knovio Pro with KnowledgeChecks. This would be an ideal upgrade for my fellow educators for only $25 a month that would include all the features of Knovio Pro with the ability to create quiz questions and assessments into the presentation that can track scores and has a SCORM-based integration for learning management systems. Knovio Pro with KnowledgeChecks Quiz Imagine this as a tool for educators to create engaging presentations for a flipped classroom; startups to build demos for potentials clients; bloggers to share ideas beyond the written word; potential speakers or keynotes to showcase presentation pitches. Create video resumes to highlight yourself and the skills/talents to showcase to a potential employer. Knovio Sample Recording Audio and Camera Three features I really enjoyed about Knovio compared to others tools I have used for recording presentation include:

  • The ability to record and re-record one slide at a time. This can be very useful, especially when you are recording a long presentation without having to continuing slice together edits. Knovio Re-Record Slides Option
  • The ability to create chapters and footnotes. This can help students understand a concept better or skip to the part they didn’t understand in class to review for the upcoming test. Knovio Footnotes and Chapters
  • The ability to create Knovio presentation from a mobile device, such as an iPad and iPhone. Plus it is both Windows and Mac friendly, which other software require you to have different version for each device. I would still suggest for the best result to utilize a Mac or Windows machine to record your Knovio but it’s nice to have the option to record on an iPad or iPhone. Knovio Mobile App from iOS App Store

Wondering how you can give Knovio Pro features a try before forking over the dollars? A 14-day free trial of Knovio Pro is available at Try Knovio Pro. It’s easy to get started: Setup your account. Check your audio and camera settings on your computer. Upload your presentation. Start recording! As educators and technology geeks, what would you use Knovio for in your work?

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