Here Comes TROBO The Storytelling Robot on Kickstarter

Here Comes TROBO The Storytelling Robot on Kickstarter

It’s that time again! Another edition of Professor Josh’s latest Kickstarter backing but this one has a special meaning to me. Here comes TROBO The Storytelling Robot on Kickstarter this month!

Don’t remember TROBO?  TROBO was created at Startup Weekend Orlando in November 2013 at Envy Labs. Yes, it was literally sewn together by Jeremy and Chris over the weekend and won second place and went to compete in the Global Startup Battle competition. After continuing to build, tweak, and validate both these guys joined Starter Studios Second Class to get some lessons in developing their startup and prepping for a launch. Thus a Kickstarter was born with two TROBO robots named Edison and Curie.

The Storytelling Robot Creators

What is TROBO? Think Teddy Ruxpin for the app generation. TROBO is a lovable, huggable plush toy robot that teach kids about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through fun, interactive digital storybooks.  TROBO answer kids questions through engaging stories grounded in real science to explain complex subjects in fun ways that kids can understand.  

Here Comes Trobo The Storytelling Robot named Curie on Kickstarter

Why don’t I just let Jeremy and Chris tell you more about it:

TROBO has an avatar builder where parents or kids can design an avatar and it in the stories with TROBO.  Parents can input the child’s names into the stories various stories and interactive puzzle.  The child becomes the star of the story, and they get to go on adventures with TROBO! The initial Kickstarter will start off with five stories and two different TROBOs to choose from: Edison and Curie.

Here Comes Trobo The Storytelling Robot with five Stories to start on Kickstarter


Don’t have a young child or grandchild to give this too?  You can donate a TROBO to a school of your choice or support a school in need with this STEM encouraging toy. Plus various other smaller rewards to choose from on their Kickstarter page:

What are you waiting for? Become a backer or share TROBO to make it a reality for this Orlando startup. Let’s make sure they reach their goal of $60,000 by Monday, October 6th.

TROBO Pitching at Startup Weekend Orlando  TROBO with my son at Startup Weekend Orlando

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