Orlando’s Starter Studio’s Second Class is about to Kickoff on Kickstarter

The second class of Starter Studio in Orlando, Florida is about to kickoff but it needs your help. It’s taking the crowdfunding route to make it happen again this summer in Orlando. Starter Studio is looking to continue the support of Orlando’s startup community and help build collaboration within an entrepreneurship environment by bring back Stater Studio.

What is Starter Studio? It’s a 3 month program helping tech startups in Orlando through educational events, mentorship, office space, and a demo day.Last year Gregg Pollack (Envy Labs and Code School) and his team started Orlando’s first 3 month tech accelerator, and this year (with your help) he’d like to do it again. Watch the video below to learn more.


The Kickstater campaign just kicked off today with pledges as low as $29.00 (Tickets to the opening party Thursday, May 1st, Demo Day Wednesday, August 13th, and the online streamed Demo Day, Friday, August 8th, for those not local.) to  title sponsorship for $4,995  (with a featured logo on sponsor wall & t-shirt, mention at the start of each community event, access to the co-working space to stop by and work, mention of company on each newsletter, 2 minute keynote speaker at Demo Day, lots of invitations to giveaway to the opening party & Demo Day). Learn more about all the pledge rewards and stretch goals.

What Is The Program?
They customize the program to fit the needs of our companies, however we will do the following to help all of them succeed:

  • Match Starters with experienced and successful mentors who will help strategically guide them. They have “walked the walk” and will provide insights by “talking the talk.”
  • Organize educational events relevant to Starters’ needs, taught by some of the best teachers and entrepreneurs in Florida.
  • Host Founder Talks, where successful entrepreneurs tell stories of their struggles and successes.
  • Host Investor Talks, where investors give you tips about how to win funding (if that’s something you’re into).
  • Supply 24/7 access to working space at our brand new office shared by Envy Labs and Code School in downtown Orlando.
  • Facilitate access to free legal and financial assistance.
  • Assist introductions to influential decision-makers in their industry.
  • Provide guidance and support for companies when they get stuck. We’ve all been there.
  • Serve all the coffee, espresso, sodas, and snacks you need plus free lunch every Friday.
Starter Studio Orlando Mentor Talks
Starter Studio Orlando Mentor Talks (Photo by Stater Studio)

Demo Day – Showcases each of the Startups at a Demo/Pitch day at the at the end of the program to get some publicity and show how far they have come.

Stater Studio Orlando Demo Day
Stater Studio Orlando Demo Day (Photo by FTJ http://www.floridatechnologyjournal.com/)


Stater Studio Orlando Demo Day (Photo by FTJ http://www.floridatechnologyjournal.com/)
Stater Studio Orlando Demo Day (Photo by FTJ http://www.floridatechnologyjournal.com/)

Does your company want to be in the second class running May-June-July 2014? Application are now open! 

Who Should Apply?
Anyone who wants to take their company to the next level. You might have an idea, a prototype, or a product that needs some focus and guidance.

During their 3-month program they will be driving you towards a demoable product, so you’ll need to have people on your team capable of building your product. If you don’t have someone on your project that can develop or design it, you’ll need to solidify help before you apply. They create a collaborative environment, where all the teams will be encouraged to help each other.

What Does It Cost?
Nothing!  We know that most Starters run on a shoestring budget, so we’re not charging for companies to go through the program.

Will I need to Pay in Equity?
Nope, we don’t ask for any equity.

Will you give me cash so I can run my startup?
Nope, but there’s a lot to be said about bootstrapping your business.

How Do I Apply?
The application for the second class running May, June, and July, can be found here.

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