5 AirPlay iPad Apps That Rock Apple TV

Apple TVIf you weren’t aware, the iOS 4.3 updates to your iPad has enabled third-party applications to take advantage of AirPlay and stream content to the AppleTV. Since it went live, developers have been updating their apps to include AirPlay support, and I’ve put together a list of the top 5 iOS apps that are currently AirPlay ready, with the majority being free. It includes apps to keep you entertained, up to date with the latest news, and even one to help you keep fit.

With the future of iOS 5 advances with mirroring the iPad 2 over AirPlay, integrating AirPlay with apps might become less important unless it truly enhances the user experience beyond just mirroring what’s on the iPad’s screen.

FitnessClass – (Free) iPad – Healthcare & Fitness

The iPad AirPlay isn’t all about entertainment – FitnessClass is an iPad app with a library of over 230 on-demand video workouts that range from 10 to 90 minutes in length. There are seven free classes to try with the application, and you can purchase additional videos through in-app purchases. Search videos by time, equipment, goal, and individual class. With AirPlay it’s even easier to work out using your iPad – having your fitness videos on your TV makes them easier to watch and easier to follow.

TED – (Free) iPad – Education

TED presents talks from some of the world’s most interesting people: education radicals, tech geniuses, and business gurus. Featuring more than 700 TEDTalk videos, all of which can be streamed to your AppleTV via AirPlay. Search for videos by tags, themes, or related talks, and create your own playlist of your favorites.

CNN App for iPad – (Free) iPad – News

The new CNN  app for iPad is a good source of breaking news, allowing you to go beyond the headlines and view in-depth feature stories and videos. Watch live streams from the day’s top stories and major news events. Add to important discussions by leaving your comments, sharing content with friends, and saving stories for offline viewing. Track local news, weather, and traffic by utilizing your location.

Discovery Channel HD – (Free) iPad – Entertainment

The free Discovery Channel  app for iPad is updated daily to give you access to a large collection of impressive photography, social media, and great content from its award-winning shows. Learn more about the shows and cast members and browse the Discovery TV schedule to find great programs in your area or buy episodes directly through iTunes.

iMovie – ($4.99) Universal – Photography

Apple’s iMovie application is one of the best movie-making apps available for iOS, and its latest update enables users to stream their creations straight to their AppleTV to show off on the big screen. Designed to work beautifully with a multi-touch screen, iMovie puts everything you need to make great movies at your fingertips using your photos, videos, and music. Add themes, titles and transitions to make your movie look like a Hollywood blockbuster, then publish them directly to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

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2 Comments on “5 AirPlay iPad Apps That Rock Apple TV

  1. Don’t forget MLS Matchday 2011 on the iPad. It was one of the first to take advantage of AirPlay and is still one of the best. I use it instead of purchasing the MLS Direct Kick package from my cable provider. Any live game I can get through the app can be thrown over to my AppleTV in extremely high quality. Looks perfect on my 46″ LCD. Also uses very little battery power on my iPad, even though it’s doing all the work streaming the video from the MLS servers and turning around and streaming it to the AppleTV.

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