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SoftChalk LogoToday I’m reviewing SoftChalk™ which is a powerful web lesson editor that lets you easily create engaging, interactive web lessons for your e-learning classroom.

Do you know HTML? Do you know programming? If you answered NO! Then SoftChalk might be right for you. You can create professional-looking interactive content without knowing any HTML or programming. Spend your time developing course content as the content expert, not learning how to use complex software.

SoftChalk is a tool we use at Valencia to create engaging and interactive tutorials or lessons with lots of customization without knowing all the HTML coding required.

One of my favorite tools is the pop-up text annotations in which you can define terminology, include screenshots, and enhance the interactivity of your lesson.

Other features are interactive learning games, including customizable flashcards, image labeling, image hotspot activities, matching games, crosswords and more. Question types include multiple choice, multiple answer (more than one correct answer), short answer, true/false, matching, and ordering.

SoftChalk is easy to edits or update the style to a different look in a few minutes. The overall look of the actually software is pretty simple but that what makes is great. It is easy for faculty and beginners to catch on quickly, almost as simple as a word processing program. SoftChalk can easily be packaged and delivered via CD-ROM, Internet, Intranet, or with a course management system such as WebCT and Blackboard.

SoftChalk Screenshot
Here is a screenshot of what a project would look like in SoftChalk
SoftChalk Browser Preview Screenshot
Here is a screenshot of the preview of the project in a web browser

Quick Tour Videos from SoftChalk

Here is an example of one at Valencia for iTunes U

Here is an example of one at Valencia for using SafeAssign

Examples from SoftChalk

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