Will Xtranormal Return? Three Alternatives For Now

Will Xtranormal Return? Three Alternatives For Now

Will Xtranormal Return - Three alternatives for now

If you have been visiting the Xtranormal website, you have noticed this message:

xtranormal.com was recently acquired by nawmal, ltd.
We at nawmal are working hard to get you back making movies, and will be changing some of the things that many movie-makers using xtranormal found frustrating:

No more losing the movie maker

No more losing the characters that some of you had bought

No more losing the movies that you had made

The question remains, will Xtranormal return? Can’t wait to find out and need to develop some content? Check out these three alternatives for now:

GoAnimate  provides libraries with thousands of characters, backgrounds, props, music tracks and sound effects. More of these assets are being added all the time. However, if you want to import your own audio, image, video or flash files, there is a simple import tool.There are two production paths on GoAnimate. Quick Video Makers provide the speed and simplicity to create a video in a matter of minutes by following a step-by-step process. Full Video Makers offer full creative control over the camera, characters and other production elements.Publishing videos is a snap. Simply share the link, copy and paste our embed codes or download the video file as an mp4.Videos can be exported in 720p HD. And GoPremium, the top-level business account, allows export in 1080p Full HD.
To help bridge the gap, GoAnimate is offering a 20% discount to any former Xtranormal subscribers who want to try out a GoAnimate for Schools or GoAnimate for Business account. Find out more about this deal.
Will Xtranormal Return? GoAnimate as an Alternative
Voki is a free avatar speaking program that allow you to create 60 second clips from various types of audio sources. For educators, there is Voki Classroom for only $29.95 a year for longer clips, more avatars, and other special options for the classroom. They recently added a new feature, Voki Presenter that has unlimited length records but doesn’t have the classroom management side of Voki Classroom for $29.95. You can get an account with both for $49.95 a year.
Powtoon is a way to create animated presentations with easy to use drag and drop functions. Powtoon has various pricing plans for Premium features and a special Educational pricing is available too. Powtoon creations can easily be exported to your desktop or YouTube with a few simple clicks.
Will Xtranormal Return? Powtoon Marker Style
Don’t just wait around and wonder if Xtranormal will return. Start exploring new tools today. What are some of your favorite tools in this category?
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4 Comments on “Will Xtranormal Return? Three Alternatives For Now

  1. wonder if Xtranormal was ‘pulled’ down because it had been sold too cheaply and so the customers who had paid for xtranormal had to be fraudulently dumped? $495 per year is the cost of nawmal, when xtranormal was costing a $20 one off payment.

  2. If you have something that needs to be said with text-to-speech, try out the iOS app talkrapp.com. They also are launching GIF export and have released a javascript library that drives the GIF files for dynamic web-based content (e-learning, games, etc) https://github.com/talkr-app/gif-talkr. The app is free, and so is the library, but GIF export will be $2.99. Can’t beat the price

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