Blogger Utility Belt: 15 Apps and Gadgets for Bloggers

Blogger Utility Belt: 15 Apps and Gadgets for Bloggers

At FLBlogCon‘s Spring Fling I was asked to share some of my favorite apps and gadgets to help bloggers and content creators develop quality content. You know I can’t resist sharing my favorite apps and gadgets for bloggers.

Aukey Wide Angle and Macro Lens for your smartphone.

Aukey Wide Angle Macro Lens

Can’t beat having a diverse tool that will work with about any smartphone, especially helpful when you upgrade iPhones about every year. This is a high-quality lens, similar to something you would buy for your DLSR. For only $20 on Amazon, you can’t beat having this lens in your toolbox of gadgets for smartphone photography. LINK:

Example of an Aukey Wide Angle Lens Photo

Aukey Wide Angle Lens Photo Cat

Example of an Aukey Macro Lens Photo

Aukey Macro Lens Photo Flower

Gimbal Ikan Fly-X Plus

Gimbal Ikan Fly-X3 Plus

Looking to improve your video on both your smartphone and GoPro? It’s time to get a gimbal to stabilize your footage and get some great videos. Walk along with your smartphone recording video, not the video footage shakiness. A gimbal will remove that, make your videos pro quality, and help you create better content even during live streaming.

I recently purchased the Ikan Fly-X Plus because it’s rating, easy to use, comes with GoPro & Smartphone holders, and has an extra battery in the kit. Check out this example and figure out which side is showing the footage while using the gimbal.

Purchase Link:

Magisto Video Editing Tool

Magisto Video Editing Tool Storyboard Editor

I’ve been using Magisto for several years now and they keep improving their product and listening to their users. Magisto use AI technology to create videos using your photos and videos using a variety of themes. Magisto’s business plan is about $10 a month and has some great storyboard editing features, commercial use music, and a variety of themes to fit just about every need. Explore a variety of my videos:

Magisto works on PC, Mac, iOS, and Andriod. Making it easy to create content on the go or at your desk.


Rode Microphones

Rode Lapel Microphone for iPhone Rode is one of the best when you are looking for audio equipment. They have everything from lapel mics for your iPhone to shotgun mics for your DLSR. Pricing ranges from $50 to $150 for most of their basic equipment.


Ripl Graphic Example

Ripl is a great tool to build engage videos, slideshows, and images for social platforms using their various styles. Just upload a photo or image and start building. They have a free basic version or pro version for about $9.99 a month. Always adding new styles and features to expand the type of content you can create. Find out more or download the iOS or Andriod app:

Want More Gadgets and Apps for Bloggers?

Want to learn about the other 10 apps and gadgets? Visit my SlideShare at

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