IZEAFEST 2017 Captured Through Sketches

IZEAFEST 2017 Captured Through Sketches

Influencer marketing continues to grow as brands see the demise of pop-up and banner ads. IZEA is one of the companies that have embraced influencer marketing and created a platform to make it easier for both brands and influencers to connect. IZEAFEST 2017 dove into IZEA’s latest updates, shared key data in regards to the creator economy, and showcased speakers on the latest trends for both marketers and creators.

IZEA Founder and CEO, Ted Murphy kicked off the event with the latest features and function being released into the IZEA platform for both brands and creators. Watch the keynote: https://youtu.be/FNDYJsRhKVA

New IZEA Features

IZEAfest 2017 Sketch Ted Murphy

Ryan Schram, IZEA, and Jana O’Brien, The Right Brain, dove into the State of Create Economy report. A great look into this economy and how brands continue to embrace it. Watch yourself: http://izea.it/cC2rHCB

IZEAfest 2017 Sketch Duncan Wardle

Duncan Wardle helped get our brain simulated for creativity. Disney’s innovation and creativity team always has a way of getting your brains in the right mood.

The afternoon was full of various speakers and panels mainly geared toward brands. The evening concluded with a special VIP networking event taking over Superhero Islands at Universal Studios’s Island of Adventure theme park.


IZEAfest 2017 Sketch Saturday Morning

Saturday was filled with a huge lineup of speakers on topics ranging from utilizing Snapchat as a creator to developing your own entertainment station using Facebook Live to creating what you love.

IZEAfest 2017 Sketch Daymond John and Ted Murphy

The session that packed the room was Shark Tank’s Daymond John being interviewed by Ted Murphy. The biggest take aware? “The secret to being a great entrepreneur, Bust your ass!” Watch the full interview here: https://youtu.be/l1O9GN3Joo8

IZEAfest 2017 Sketch Saturday Afternoon

Explore a few of the Saturday afternoon sessions with Peter Shankman, Erik Qualman, C.C. Chapman, and more.


Make sure to visit IZEAfest.com to find out IZEAfest in 2018.



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