Prisma Takes Photo Filtering to a New Level

Prisma Takes Photo Filtering to a New Level

Prisma Takes Photo Filtering to a New Level

Have you noticed a bunch of photos with an artistic touch being uploaded to social media lately? Prisma takes photo filtering to a new level. The app, which recently hit the App Store, makes your photos appear as if they were hand painted in some of the art world’s most famous styles. Download 

These are just a few of the filter styles you might be seeing across social media.

Prisma Filter Examples

Prisma Examples

Prisma offers about 30 image styles for free but has begun experimenting with ways to make money. Companies can pay to sponsor a filter and get their brand in front of early adopters. I’m sure new filters, options to remove their logo, or others could be added for a premium monthly or one-time account upgrade in the future. It’s been rumored that Prisma is working on a tool that will be able to apply similar effects to short video clips. I can’t wait to see more!

Current styles include famous artist styles such as Wave, Gothic, and Roland.


When trying to use the app, I have seen numerous times that it has been over capacity (too many people using it). That should be no surprise with it being in the top 10 in 77 countries after it’s recent launch.

It’s super simple to utilize this app to enhance your photos or give an artist look to few older photos sitting on your phone. Below you will see that you just need to find a photo, crop (currently only square images), select various styles, and choose the ones you want to download or share.

Prisma Animation

What are you waiting for? Download it from the App Store now for free! Download
Available on Android now too: Download

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