5 Benefits of Pursuing an Engineering Degree

5 Benefits of Pursuing an Engineering Degree

5 Benefits of Pursuing an Engineering Degree

Benefits of Pursuing an Engineering Degree

Choosing a career and the best college major to launch it can be difficult. Students must weigh factors such as finances, job security, creative liberties and the ability to inspire change. Luckily, engineering is one of the few majors in which students can excel in all of these areas. Take a look at five of the top benefits of pursuing an engineering degree, and why it’s a field worth entering.

Tonya Chestnut - FPUThis is a guest sponsored blog written by Tonya Chestnut. As the Associate Director of Admissions at Florida Polytechnic University, Tonya Chestnut actively recruits students and conducts group tours, in addition to traveling throughout northern and central Florida to meet students and guidance counselors in person. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Keiser University in Lakeland, and has also attended a one-year program on leadership and management at Saint Leo University.


Creative Freedom

It’s common misconception that technical degree programs are bereft of creativity. In reality, the tactical portion of engineering is just one part of the equation. It’s more common for engineering students to be encouraged to flex their creative muscles to succeed.  Scientific knowledge is required to understand existing engineering systems and procedures, but it’s the creative side that brings new ideas and inventions to life.  As a result, engineering students can look forward to a field that not only welcomes creative freedom but thrives on it.

Creative Freedom - benefits of pursuing an engineering degree

Job Security

Engineering boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates. This is because of the rapid integration of technology in almost every field, and the need for experts who can track, maintain and improve this technology. Engineering graduates fill this skill gap with the ability not only to work with technology but understand its functionalities and keep up with innovations. In fact, engineering experts are often the professionals leading this technological movement and inventing systems and processes that are faster and more efficient.  This drive to increase productivity and profitability makes engineers a valuable asset to any employer.


High Profitability

College graduates with a degree in an engineering field are likely to have some of the highest starting salaries among their peers. This is because of the extensive training that engineering students go through in their degree programs to obtain their refined skill set. For example, students pursuing a logistics degree in order to fill management role positions, particularly in logistics engineering, will likely benefit from a median salary of about $63,000.


Best Educational Programs

Pursuing an engineering degree at any one of the top engineering colleges takes the educational experience to new heights with applied learning techniques. Teaching methods venture outside the textbook to give students a holistic view of the subject matter. These programs also provide an outlet for hands-on industry experience and equip graduates with the skills they’ll need to tackle industry problems.

Effecting Big Change - benefits of pursuing an engineering degree

Effecting Big Change

From battling health care crises to solving world hunger, engineers push the limits of what is possible to make the world a better place. Whether the engineering specialization is building more sustainable workplace systems, improving automobiles or disease prevention, engineering is as emotionally rewarding of a career as it is financially rewarding.


Students who pursue an engineering degree set themselves up for a lifetime of learning, growing and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The amount of hard work and tenacity that goes into pursuing this degree is minimal compared to the rewarding ability to change the world through engineering capabilities.

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  1. I really liked what you said about how engineering boats one of the lowest unemployment rates. My youngest brother told me he’s planning on an engineering degree, so I was wondering how that would affect his future. Thank you for the information about how graduates will fill the skill gap between new innovations and older technologies.

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