Virtual Reality Made Simple With Google Cardboard

Virtual Reality Made Simple With Google Cardboard

VR or Virtual Reality doesn’t have to be $350 headsets or variety of complicated devices hooked together. Virtual Reality made simple with Google Cardboard and your smartphone, including many Android and iOS devices, can be the affordable way to bring VR to the masses. It’s amazing how simple this device is and it could be built by someone for under $7 with parts. Most easy to assemble versions are being sold online for $17-35, depending on the functions, material, and options available.

It’s as simple as, get it, fold it and look inside to enter the world of VR. Once you have it, you can explore a variety of apps that unfold all around you. Are you looking to develop for Google Cardboard to create VR experiences in Android or Unity? Check out the developer page: 

Virtual Reality Made Simple With Google Cardboard

Where to buy:

I Am Cardboard: $20-$37 with variety of sizes to fit most phones. EVA version with better materials available (almost like foam board).

DODOcase: $24.95 and up, with customized branded versions available and a VR hat mount, instead of straps.

Custom VR Case DODOcase

Knox Labs: $19-$85, which include a variety of humorous design and even an aluminum viewer.

Unofficial Cardboard: $15-$27, plus lots of parts needs to build your own from that Amazon box laying around your house.

Build it yourself by following these directions




  • 360 Heros: 360 view of variety of places and events. Imagine taking a VR ride on a real roller coaster.
  • Zombie Shooter VR: Go search out zombies in a labyrinths of post-apocalyptic subways.
  • FastHit VR: How fast can you hit those bulls-eye’s?

Examples in various industries:

EON provides a tantalizing preview of how 3D models can be used in virtual reality for learning. The examples include models of robotics, cell structure, anatomy and many others. With apps like EON content areas like science, medicine, math and engineering could be revolutionized in the classroom by providing interactive manipulatives and simulations.

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) has upstaged the normal college acceptance letter with Google Cardboard being included in their acceptance package for a VR immersive storytelling experience and tour of SCAD.

SCAD Google Cardboard

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