Lumify Video Editor App for Quick Videos on the Go

Lumify Video Editor App for Quick Videos on the Go

Lumify Video Editor App for iPhone


Want to edit video on the fly? Want to get a video sped up for that short 15 seconds on Instagram? Want to splice together multiple clips quickly to load to Facebook? I’ve found a great app for you. Lumify Video Editor is a great solution I stumbled upon looking for a way to speed up some video clips to a short 15 seconds for Instagram.

Download Lumify Video Editor Today!

Let’s start editing a movie.

Lumify Video Editor Building a Movie

Quickly select video clips from your iOS device to start building your movie from various scenes.

Lumify Video Editor Selecting Clips

Edit the various clips

  • Adjust the scene audio volume or add scene music
  • Adjust the video playback speed (slower or up to 2 times faster) I wish you could speed up even more
  • Add special effect to just this scene: Zoom Finish, Slo-mo Finish, Stop Motion
  • Play a scene backwards
  • Trim scene with automatic trimming
  • Zoom and highlight specific areas
  • Apply filters

Lumify Video Editor Editing a Scene Lumify Video Editor More Options Editing a Scene


You are able to apply these various setting to each of the scenes you imported. Now it’s time to make finish your movie.

Choose transitions between scenes: Auto, Fade, Cut, Blackout

Lumify Video Editor Movie Editing Options

Choose various music setting for the entire movie, not just a single clip.

  • Background music from a short list available or import from your iTunes
  • Overall music volume
  • Select music start and stop points
  • Music video mode will allow Lumify to repeat certain scenes

Lumify Video Editor Music Options

Add audio such as narrations or sound effects

Lumify Video Editor Record Audio

Choose filters for the entire movie: Sunset, Cinematic, Studio, Lumicolor, 1970’s, X-Pro, Postcard, B&W, 1900’s, Documentary, Litho, Red, Alien, and Grunge.

Lumify Video Editor Filters

Add environmental effects such as snow, rain, & hearts.

Lumify Video Editor Environment Effects

Save the video to your camera roll, save as square for Instagram, or upload to YouTube in seconds.

Example of a finished product:



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