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Magisto magically creates video in just a few clicks of a button from your unedited videos and photos. Magisto is both a web tool and app (both Android & iOS) that can be used to create creative content on the fly utilizing various videos and photos without the pain of spending hours editing and splicing it all together.

Utilizing an artificial intelligence this cloud based software can splice together both short videos and photos into a unique video with custom themes and music. The updated algorithm uses artificial intelligence to analyze what’s going on in your video and make edits in the right place. Magisto understands what’s going in the video, picks the best parts of your video, and then edits them together to create the perfect completed project.

Currently Magisto has three plans available:


  • Cost: FREE
  • Clips up to 15 minutes
  • Up to 10 video clips
  • Up to 10 photos


  • Cost: $4.99/month (50% saving for purchasing a year in advance)
  • Clips up to 25 minutes
  • Up to 25 video clips
  • Up to 30 photos
  • Unlimited Download (very useful for uploading to YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites)


  • Cost: $9.99/month
  • Same features as Plus account but with HD Quality video

Another great features that is built into Magisto, is the ability to not only choose videos and photos from your hard drive but to select them from Google Drive. If you haven’t used Google Drive, it’s great for storing videos and photos with space starting at $1.99/month for 1TB and $9.99 for 10TB.

Here is how simple it is to create a video on Magisto:

Magisto magically creates video easy to add more

Magisto magically creates video by selecting photos and videos

Magisto magically creates video by chosing a style

Magisto magically creates video by chosing a sound trackMagisto magically creates video by chosing a sound track

Magisto magically creates video adding a title

After you select you various photos and videos, choose a style, choose a soundtrack, and add a title Magisto will do it’s magic in the background and notify you when your video is ready for review. Once it the video is done, you are still able to make changes before publishing as private or public videos to share with the world.

I recently featured this app in my 12 Amazing Tools for your EdTech Utility Belt presentation and as my favorite new app on Blog Talk TV.

Example from creating a video on my iPad from videos and photos taken using my Nikon D5300 at Instructurecon #INSTCON (Look for Mark Summers from Double Dare!)

Download the iPhone or iPad app now:

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