Six Local Startups will Participate in Starter Studio this Summer

This summer six carefully chosen startups will be working together as Starter Studio’s Second Class. Starter Studio is a tech business accelerator program in Orlando, Florida  that provides startups with free workspace, mentorship, and a range of events designed to help starters further develop their businesses. Events include Monday Night Founder Talks and Brown Bag Lunches, which are open to the community. The intensive program culminates in  Starter Studio’s final pitch event, Demo Day.

Starter Studio Orlando Florida Second Class

The six teams selected to participate in Starter Studio’s second class:

ClikClok provides online time tracking and back office management for staffing companies.  Focused on improving efficiency and providing meaningful metrics, its goal is to help staffing  companies make more profitable decisions.

Flight Fishing catches the best fares on the web for flexible travelers and delivers them via text,  email or tweet.

FLBlogCon is on a mission to educate and inspire bloggers, equip them with the tools to move  from hobbyist to professional, and then work to connect them with brands. This startup owned by Bess Auer has a special place in my heart because I have been involved on the planning team since the very beginning. FLBlogCon has grown from offering just a yearly sold out conference; to tweet chats, niche events, and BlogTalkTV. I expect to see amazing new things come from FLBlogCon’s participation in Starter Studio this summer.

FLBlogCon13 Planning Team

Joicaster is a live streaming multi-platform manager. The company has developed a unique  service for content creators that simplifies the process of managing, scheduling and syndicating  live video content to multiple online streaming providers.

Skookoo is launching TROBO, a connected toy and interactive storytelling application to get  kids excited about science, technology and engineering. This startup was developed over a weekend at Startup Weekend Orlando and will hopefully be able to encourage kids to get excited about STEM very soon.

TROBO the Storytelling Robot for STEM

Outhouse Games develops games with quality and playability in mind. With each title, the  company creates a unique experience that can be played in five minutes while you wait for your  taxi, or for five hours during your plane trip across the country.

Starter Studio’s Second Class was funded by a recent crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and will kickoff introducing the teams to the Orlando tech community at the Starter Studio Second Class opening party on May 1st.

Sponsors for  the second class include: ActivEngage, ADDM&G, AssistRx, DreamTree, Monkey Wrench Manufacturing, Skedji, Sunshine Labs and Veredus. Renewed supporting sponsors are C/F/R,  TriNet, CoLab, Creative Village, David G. Mitchell PA, Ili Mapili CPA, Envy Labs and Code  School.

Keep up to date with Starter Studio programming and events by visiting the website, or look for Starter Studio on Facebook and Twitter.

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