Win an iPad Mini & Reflector Prize Pack – 5 Ways to Showcase Your Startup or Educational App!

Win an iPad Mini & Reflector Prize Pack – 5 Ways to Showcase Your Startup or Educational App!

Don’t fear the Squirrels! Embrace the Squirrels for a chance to win an iPad Mini, along with a Reflector prize pack from Squirrels and Professor Josh. First, you must learn the way of the Squirrels and go nuts for their products. Yes, Squirrels is the name of a software development company with some great products up their sleeves.

Have you always wanted to easily stream your iPad or iPhone onto your computer screen, including your PC, without a bunch of extra devices and wires? The ability to AirPlay wirelessly to display your iPad or iPhone on your computer can have lots of benefits for both startups and educators. Below are five ways to showcase your startup or enhance your classroom using Reflector by Squirrels.

1. Sharing Apps and iOS tutorials

I’m an educator and instructional designer who teaches both college students and faculty how to use various technologies to enhance their current or future classroom. With Reflector, I can easily guide learners through apps or certain iOS features on a big screen. I can have learners show the entire class an app or issue with their iOS devices.

This can be the same for startups who need to help customers or clients with issues on their devices. I love the ability to share my iPad screen via a Google+ Hangouts or GoToWebinar to others tuning in around the globe.

Here is my past blog on Reflector vs Apple TV in the classroom. 

Reflector to Record App Tutorials

2. Pitches with live demos of your working app

Showing off your latest iOS game or productivity app during a pitch to potential investors can be a key to your success. It’s amazing how showing a product in action can easily sell it to investors. Imagine playing a game with everyone in the audience seeing it live on the screen as you use the iOS functions and features in your hand.

Using Reflector App for Gaming



3. Live demos at conference presentations or classrooms

I love demonstrating apps and widgets during many of my presentations for bloggers, educators, and other tech related industries. I hate having to be wired and love the ability for Reflector to let me show off whatever is on my iPad or iPhone on either a PC or MAC with only sharing a wireless access point. As you show off your PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi you can bring up Reflector quickly on the screen without having to change inputs on the projector.

Mirroring your iPad in the Classroom


4. Showcase multiple people using apps on a single screen

One of the features many don’t know about on Reflector is the ability to show multiple devices on the same computer screen. Imagine walking through an app experience with multiple people, or comparing different mobile websites at one time. Working with students, or during meetings, you can have multiple people throw up their mobile mirrored screens on the screen at the same time to showcase or compare in a few simple steps.

Multiple iPhone on one screen using Reflector

5. Record demos or reviews of apps

Built right into the Reflector software is the ability to record your screen, including adding the shell of the iPad or iPhone into the recording. I have taken these recording into Camtasia or other video editing software to add to my own app tutorials and reviews on my site. Here is an example of an app review for Frametastic that was originally recorded directly in Reflector.

Record iPhone Screen using Reflector


I’m not just touting Reflector because I’m partnering with Squirrels for some awesome giveaways. I bought this software about a year ago and started using it in my classrooms, during presentations, and for my App of the Week blogs.

Didn’t win a copy or just want a copy right now? It’s time to buy a discounted copy of Reflector right now using my promo code  ProfJosh1420 for 20% off through 3/31/2014.

Reflector Discount Code from Professor Josh

Now enter to win! A required tweet is needed to enter (one entry per day until 3/21/14), and lots of other ways to get bonus entries are below.

iPad Mini and Reflector Prize Pack on Professor Josh


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36 Comments on “Win an iPad Mini & Reflector Prize Pack – 5 Ways to Showcase Your Startup or Educational App!

  1. Professor Josh. I utilize reflector to demo our 4D augmented reality technology in gotomeetings. Just did it today. Our tech is focused on everything from marketing to education. If you have time, check out our youtube page and see for yourself. You may especially like the “Elements 4D” app.

  2. Love the App as kids love to see all the things I do, like the maps, games, even participation points entered through like Class Dojo helps them get much more immediate response feedback to everything they do. The like Popplet which let’s them asks anonymous questions etc.

  3. what a helpful App
    I love that it doesn’t require you switch from your computer input for video or sound on your projector or TV

  4. I will use this for several classes I teach: Creating EPUBs with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and more. Thanks for running the contest!

  5. wonderful giveaway and so helpful APP I love that I can record your screen, including adding the shell of the iPad or iPhone into the recording

  6. wonderful giveaway
    I love this app and love the idea that I can so easythat will help me in my work is to show multiple devices on the same computer screen

  7. first time I know about the reflector app I read your great review and took an idea a bout it and love the ability to show what ever on my device screen on any other screen with out connecting any wire.

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