Best Buy is a One Stop Shop for All Your Electronic Devices

Best Buy is a One Stop Shop for All Your Electronic Devices

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Have you ever been shopping for a new smartphone and have been limited in your choice of carrier options and accessories? Typically when you go into a store it’s geared to a specific provider or brand but I  always want to shop around for options when purchasing electronic devices. Best Buy has become a great environment for shopping for a new smartphone or accessories without being pressured into a single carrier or a small selection of new phones.

Best Buy Mobile Section Panoramic Electronic Devices #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

Many people shop for electronic devices and other gadgets online but sometimes you want to feel the new phone in your hand or play with its various options. Best Buy provides an environment to play and get a feel for which phone fits best in your hand and budget.

Best Buy Hands On with ATT Phones #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

It great to get a hands on feel for all the phones on the market. I don’t know if you could steer me away from my iPhone yet. I’m sure I’ll be looking to trade in my iPhone 4S soon and get an immediate rebate towards my purchase. It’s great to know Best Buy will price match any competitor on the market too.

Best Buy Hands On with iPhone 5S #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

I was on the hunt for two items during my recent visit to Best Buy. I was looking for a portable Bluetooth enabled rechargeable speaker for my iPhone and iPad for travel and the office. I was also looking to replace my Mophie battery charging case because mine recently stop charging. What social media and blogging buff can live without their Mophie?

I found a good selection of Bluetooth speakers right outside of the mobile area but decided to hold off on purchasing. The Jam Box caught my attention but think I’ll take a step back to research a few other choices.

Best Buy BlueTooth Speakers #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

I really need to get a replacement Mophie and checked out the selection available in Best Buy. I enjoyed that all the battery pack chargers and cases were put together into on space to compare. It’s good to know Best Buy is an authorized seller for Mophie, since I’ve dealt with getting a fake one in the past from Amazon.

Best Buy Mophie Cases #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

I decided to go with the red Mophie juice pack air case, instead of the black.

Best Buy Mophie Case #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

Best Buy gives you the opportunity to check out various carriers and options with knowledgable staff to help guide you in your choices. The associate in the smartphone area helped guide me through various options for my current carrier and other carriers available, since my contract was expired. Wish I had more time to explore some options but I knew I wasn’t going to upgrade my phone with additional customer waiting for a chance to speak with Best Buy mobile expert.

Best Buy always seems to be offering extra bonus deal for signing a new contract or trading in your old smartphone for an upgrade. This week you are able to receive a $50 Best Buy gift card when you purchase a new mobile phone with a two year contract in 2014. Check out this link for the deal. Perfect way to pick up a new case for protection or accessories after you get your new smartphone.

Best Buy Free $50 Best Buy Gift Card #OneBuyForAll #shop #cbias

Have you had a good shopping experience for a smartphone or accessory at Best Buy?

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3 Comments on “Best Buy is a One Stop Shop for All Your Electronic Devices

  1. I’ve never heard of a Mophie battery charging case, I’m going to have to visit my local Best Buy to check it out! That sounds like the sort of case I need! #client

  2. I just heard about a Mophie last week for the first time. I’m going on a cruise in April and I think I NEED a mophie. I’ve noticed my new 5s doesn’t have the greatest battery. #client

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