The Google Glass MyGlass App Finally Hits the iOS App Store

Along with the plethora of update for Google Glass in XE12, Google has finally released the MyGlass App for iOS devices in the Apple App Store. Google Glass Explorers who were dedicated iPhone users have been requesting this app since Google Glass became available. Before Glass hits the open market, this app was a must in order for Google to extend its reach to customers who are dedicated iOS users.

Check out a few of the features below.

MyGlass iOS App Menu

MyGlass allows you to configure and manage your Glass device, including adding a Wifi network easily.

MyGlass iOS App Device Info

Edit or add contacts to your Google Glass

MyGlass iOS App Contacts

Add or manage Glassware with view Active Glassware and the Glassware Gallery.

MyGlass iOS App Active Glassware  MyGlass iOS App Glassware Gallery


Screencast what you see on Glass to your phone. This features has been requested by iPhone users who want to show others what they see while wearing Glass. This also can give you the ability to screencast your Glass to a computer via iPhone through the Reflector software.

MyGlass iOS App Screencast


Here is a quick video of the using the screencast feature and Reflector.

Google Glass iOS MyGlass App Screencast using Reflector

Get directions on the go, which is only available when connect through a device using the MyGlass app.

MyGlass iOS App Get Directions in Action


This app finally brings many of the on-the-go features only Android users could experience before but seems to still be missing Text/iMessaging capacities. iMessaging access might be difficult due to Apple tight knit software.

What are you waiting to see on Google Glass? Are you wanting see a few new videos of different Glassware in action?

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