Orlando Rising: Help Fund a Documentary About Why Orlando’s Digital Community is Awesome

I’m always blogging about the Orlando tech and digital community, because I believe in it. I have seen the growth of entrepreneurs. I have witness a community of sharing ideas. I have seen friendship form over a common goal, to build Orlando to be great.

Now it’s time to see this story unfold on the big screen, but only with your help.

Orlando Rising Trailer #1 from Florida Technology Journal on Vimeo.

Orlando Rising is documentary about a community on the rise, an industry of creative technologists coming together to share knowledge, to help each other grow, and to collaboratively build an industry in this great place we call home. It shouldn’t be necessary for entrepreneurs to leave home to find opportunity. The opportunity is right here.

Orlando Rising documentary crowd funding on Rocket Hub

This documentary is a product of dedicated efforts from local groups, including Florida Technology Journal and FilmScape Productions and all the many organizations who agreed to be interviewed for the film: City of Orlando, Full Sail University, University of Central Florida, Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, Creative Village Orlando, Lake Nona Medical City, EA Sports, Florida Institute of Technology, ESPN Digital, Envy Labs, Row Sham Bow, IZEA, Engineering and Computer Simulations, and others.

David Glass, executive producers, said “They were looking for a project to bring the digital community together  and educate the Orlando community about its story. Many people in the Orlando community might not know about some of the companies, efforts, and new developments happening in Orlando’s digital community.”

Both David and I share a similar thought on why Orlando’s digital and tech community rocks. It’s about the collaboration among businesses and peers. People are build grassroots efforts to help build the digital community in Central Florida. Local meetups are booming. Events like iSummit, FLBlogCon, and Trucks and Tech are growing. Collaborative learning environments, such as Starter Studio, CoLab Orlando, and Creative Village are creating a places for digital communities to come together.

Now it’s time to make this documentary happen, including a full day event centered around these topics and Orlando’s tech community!

Help fund this project at various levels through RocketHub (Crowd Funding Site).






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