Is LifeSize a Game Changer in Video Conferencing within Education?

LifeSize LSTechDay EquipmentRecently, I was asked to travel out to Austin, TX to explore a video conference company I was unfamiliar with prior to LSTechDay. With 80% of communication being nonverbal, the growing demand for online education, and a workforce that is becoming more remotely employed, the need for video conferencing solutions is a must for education.

LifeSize is the company, a division of LogiTech, is a video conferencing solution from every aspect of the industry. From the hardware, software, and hosting; LifeSize covers all the needs. I was able to try out several of the LifeSize solutions, including the LifeSize Icon Series, LifeSize UVC Platorm, LifeSize UVC ClearSea, and LifeSize WebRTC.

Video Conferencing is a solution many educators are seeking to save on travel between campuses, to meet with students during virtual office hours, and work with partners at various institutions across the globe.

Right now many educators seek out free or cheap solutions, such as Google+ Hangouts and Skype, to meet some basic needs. Others have purchase various systems such as Microsoft Lync, GoToMeeting, and Blackboard Collaborate to meet various needs of administrators, educators, and students.

The LifeSize system might be another opportunity for educational institutions to implement across their institution to meet the demand of HD video collaboration.

Here are a few real world examples in Education, utilizing the LifeSize platforms.

University of Arkansas Leads the Charge in Video Conferencing, Distance Learning Mobility

Rural Schools Expand Curriculum with LifeSize

LifeSize Education Case Studies

LifeSize Conference Call Clear UVC


 LifeSize Icon Series:

The LifeSize Icon Series helps meet the high demand for quality video in the conference room with a simple to use interface, a five button remote, good audio, and a quality camera.


LifeSize Simon Dudley demoing LifeSize Icon Series

LifeSize Clear UVC

The moving from desktop or conference to a mobile devices or vice versus is a great feature added to the LifeSize Clear UVC. I can see this being used in the education environment as teachers move from their office to classroom or decide to take the class on a virtual field trip.

LifeSize moving from Desktop to Mobile
LifeSize moving from Desktop to Mobile

LifeSize UVC Video Center does offer an integration via a simple building block with the Blackboard Learn platform. With LifeSize UVC Video Center, teachers can make live or recorded videos part of their daily course materials.  Additionally, students and educators can view and play back HD-quality video from the Blackboard Learn web-based interface, accessed from any computer, tablet or mobile device. – See more at:


I think one of the beta LifeSize features that intrigues me the most is WebRTC. WebRTC, which stands for web real-time communications, is one of the hottest topics in the video communications industry. In a nutshell, WebRTC enables a user to connect over video without having to download a software client or plug-in, and no username or password is required. Basically, all a user needs is a webcam, an Internet connection and the right browser (latest versions of Mozilla or Chrome, for example) and they can connect over video with colleagues, partners, vendors or customers with the touch of a button. I can see WebRTC being integrated into professor courses for real-time help with problems, on admission sites for questions about applying to a college, or working with your virtual advisor for help just a click away. Give it a try yourself:

Many of these features could be why LifeSize is continually on the forefront of video conferencing. I was amazed to see the engineering, testing, and evolution of the LifeSize products at their Austin, TX headquarters at LSTechDay.

LifeSize LSTechDay Engineering Lab
LifeSize LSTechDay Engineering Lab
LifeSize LSTechDay Product Testing Lab
LifeSize LSTechDay Product Testing Lab
LifeSize LSTechDay Product Audio Lab
LifeSize LSTechDay Product Audio Lab

Video conferencing solutions for education can bring the world to your classroom with a high quality solutio, like LifeSize. If institutions need assistance to secure video conferencing technology funding, LifeSize can help! The LifeSize Grant Services Program makes the funding process easy by identifying funding opportunities, creating proposals and managing the entire process for you. – See more at:

Stay tuned for another update on LifeSize and Video Conferencing in Education; including a video interview with SDRNews’ Andy McCaskey.

Learn more about LifeSize at




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