How Google Glass Can Be Used In Education (Infographic)

NYC Google Glass SketchThe number of new wearable devices in the consumer sector seems to be increasing daily, greatly outpacing the implementation of this technology at universities. The education sector is just beginning to experiment with, develop, and implement wearable technologies, though the potential applications are significant and vast. Smart jewelry or other accessories could alert students working in chemical laboratories to hazardous conditions, while wearable cameras can instantly capture hundreds of photographs or data about a user’s surroundings on an offsite geology dig that can be later accessed via email or other online application.

One of the most compelling potential outcomes of wearable technology in higher education is productivity. Wearable technologies that could automatically send information via text, email, and social networks on behalf of the user, based on voice commands, gestures, or other indicators, would help students and educators communicate with each other, keep track of updates, and better organize notifications.

As a Google Glass Explorer, instructional designer, and professor of educational technology, it’s clear, that the Google Glass has a chance to make a huge impact in edtech in the next several years. This will depend on the development of applications utilizing the Google Glass technology to benefit it’s potiential use in education.

Take a look at the inforgraphic below by Open College InformED to see 30 different ideas for Google Glass in education.

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