Pebble Watch App: 7-Minute Workout

Pebble Watch was a huge success on Kickstater but the key to it’s continued success will be the development of apps by developers to integrate into the watch and connect with your phone.
A new 7 minute app can be downloaded for the Pebble that guides you through the workout. This quick routine will produce a sweat and workout several key areas.
Pebble 7 Minute Workout App  Pebble 7 Minute Workout App
Basic App overview:

  • 12 exercises
  • 30 seconds per exercise
  • 10 second rest between exercises
  • Up/Down buttons to move through exercises
  • Long press select to restart workout
  • Short vibrate between state changes
  • Double vibrate to switch sides
To install the app you simply have to update your phone to the latest version, and then navigate to a specific website to download and install the app. Once installed, however, the 7-minute workout app works completely independently of the smartphone, meaning you’ll only need the watch whenever you want to actually run the app.
Visit to download the app for your Pebble or visit my blog on Pebble to learn more about the smart watch. 

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