Web App of the Week: Clipping Magic Can Remove Image Background in Seconds

Cropping an object out of an photo in an image editor can be a tricky task, even with expensive photo editing software. A new web app Clipping Magic does it for you in seconds. All you have to do is paint the foreground object one color, the background object another, and the app does the work for you.

Just drag and drop a photo onto the site, and you’ll get a green box you can use to paint the foreground image, or the area of the photo you want to select. Click the red box to paint the background, or the part of the photo you want removed. You work with a version of the photo on the left, and you can see a live preview of the changes on the right, so you can always backtrack, or zoom in for a finer touch if you want.

Clipping Magic Demo

After you are done fine tuning the image,  just download the finished product to get the edited object , now on a transparent background in PNG format. The web app lets you share a link to the finished image, so you don’t have to email a file too. Clipping Magic is ideal for logos, screenshots, and other images where there’s a sharp pixel edge to the item you’re trying to highlight or pull out of an image. This web app would be great to quickly create images ready for Prezi or PowerPoint presentations. It’s currently free right now but they may start charging for the service in the future.

Finished Product

Clipping Magic Example

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12 Comments on “Web App of the Week: Clipping Magic Can Remove Image Background in Seconds

  1. It is true that clipping magic removes background in a second. As there are various techniques to remove the background from any picture, but this is one of the best technique through which we can easily modify the picture.

  2. In my opinion it seems a lot more easier to use than photoshop. I will be downloading a copy shortly to take it for a test run. Thanks alot

  3. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial! It is very interesting and I am always searching for an educative tutorial like this. This is really pretty cool place I like it because it has some tutorials I really like. I want more on this blog soon.

  4. Nearly every graphic designer has used Photoshop tutorials to bolster their design skills; in fact, there is perhaps no better way to become a better graphic designer than to follow Photoshop tutorials. This is an extremely awesome tutorial.

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