Social Fresh East 2013: A Quick Recap One Sketch at a Time

I’m back with another great set of sketches that are linked to most of the wonder presenter’s decks from Social Fresh 2013. This event was help in Tampa, FL on April 18 and 19 at the Doubletree. Social Fresh is mainly gear toward those in social media and marketing but touch on great topics for big brands, small businesses, educational institutions, and non-profits.

A few key takeaways from Social Fresh:

  • Engage your audience with variety of content
  • Show humanity
  • Believe in the power of user generated content
  • Find content that can be re-skinned and reused
  • Give your customer useful tools, not just content and selling them a product/service
  • If you aren’t having fun while building content, you are doing it wrong
  • Word of mouth is very powerful
  • Don’t forget about the brand ambassador (even those with low “Klout”)
  • Make a customers day when possible, go above and beyond the norm
  • Facebook Ads generally suck

As you look at the sketches below, click on them to access the speaker’s deck from SlideShare.

Tom Webster: Lessons for Social Marketers from the 2012 Elections  (NO SLIDESHARE POSTED) Spike Jones: Word of Mouth - Your Ultimate Distribution Channel

Morgan Johnston: How to Leverage The Voice of the Customer   Chris Tuff: Breaking Through The Clutter: Content, Analytics, and Paid

Chris Penn: Understanding the Power of the Earned Media Ecosystem Jim Tobin: The Key to Facebook Success - Ads and Social Promotion

Adam Kmiec: Building an Insights Driven Social Organization  Ted Rubin: Content Creation is the Ultimate Fan Advocacy

Ryan Cohn: What Doesn't My CEO Get About Social Media?  Chris Brogan: The Impact Equation

Jay Baer: Youtility - Why Smart Companies Are Helping, Not Selling (BOOK LINK) Katie Richman: The End of the One-Off

Kevin Vine: Encouraging User-Generated Content to Foster Engagement  Say Cheese! More photos available at

Happy Birthday Jason Keath Photo Apr 18, 12 56 21 PM

One of my favorite sketches was done from a photo of my friend Justice Mitchell and myself. 

Justice Mitchell and Professor Josh

Want to see lots more photos and sketches in a video format?

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