Recoil Winders: Keeping Your Cables Organized

I’m always finding new gadgets to play with or to help keep my life a little more organized. Last week I found a great idea for all the extra cords I have stuffed into my backpack. Recoil Winders make it easy to automatically rewind your cables into a device to keep them for tangling or getting lost.

recoil winders set

Recoils come in a variety of sizes (click the links to purchase or read more about them): Small (headphones or small cables), Medium (USB charging cables 47″ ), Large (USB up to 60″), and multiple sets (two mediums and large with a holder).

I went with the set with two mediums and one large that comes with a holder too. I found them super simple to use and will probably purchase a few more to keep my cords for all my other gadgets in check.

recoil winders set with stand

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