Keys Reinvented for Geeks with the Kickstarter Keyport

Another addition to my latest Kickstart addiction is Keyport, the hi-tech keychain alternative that consolidates keys and other everyday-carry items into one sleek, indispensable device. Perfect for a gadget geek like me!



Like the Slide V.01, our second generation Keyport, the Slide 2.0, holds any combination of up to six keys (home, office, mail, padlock, auto, moto, high-security, etc.) and/or inserts (USB flash drive, mini-light, bottle opener, barcode holder, etc.) with more to come in the future.

The Slide has a number of advantages over a traditional keychain:

  • Aesthetically Minimalist – Combines convenience, utility, and style
  • Compact – Smaller than a box of Tic-Tacs; fits comfortably in the “fifth pocket” of a pair of jeans
  • Lightweight – Fully loaded w/six key Blades, the Keyport weighs less than six equivalent keys due to the removal of key heads (see image below)
  • Universal – Accommodates the vast majority of key types, including many chipped-auto and high-security keys
  • Convenient – Easy one-handed access to each item with just the flick of a thumb; feel points on the nose coupled with the fact that Blades and inserts always stay in the same position mean that the user can determine which side and exactly which item to extend without having to look
  • Comfortable – No sharp edges; doesn’t rip up your pockets or stab you in the leg…or elsewhere 🙂 like traditional keys on bulky keychains
  • Silent – Eliminates annoying pocket jingle
  • Agile – Easier to remove an item from a Keyport than it is to take off a key from a conventional key ring
  • Recoverable – Comes with a unique serial number which, when registered, can be used to reunite you with your recovered Keyport
  • Customizable – Can be personalized to suit any lifestyle; conveniently swap out items on the go and comes standard with a spinner cap to easily attach loose items (e.g. auto remote or RFID fob)
  • Stylish – Much sleeker than a keychain, the Keyport is more James Bond than Jerry the Janitor…no offense to janitors 🙂
  • American Made – Proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in USA

In short, the Keyport Slide is a very cool tech gadget, a must-have fashion accessory, and makes the perfect gift. (Note: information from Keyport Kickstarer) 

Want to help back this product on Kickstater? You have until March 24, 2013 to add your backing and help them grow beyond their goal of $75,000 (already at $110,000). Back Keyport Now 
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