Go Paperless and Share Docs with the Doccaster #SXSWedu Locker

CFLBlogCon locker on Doccaster

Doccaster is a great location based document sharing startup that is changing the way we share documents at events and helping to save tons of money and tree by going paperless.

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The digital locker’s location is on top of the Hilton in downtown Austin for #SXSWedu. A locker is a virtual box which people attending an event can enter to share documents, communicate, and network with other attendees in the area. Lockers can be accessed from any mobile device or computer by going to doccaster.com before, during, or after an event. Doccaster measure the activities inside a locker so, you show event ROI.

The SXSWedu locker is live so:

  • If you’re in Austin, go to www.doccaster.com from your machine and upload your deck into the locker or appropriate folder. Not signed up to Doccaster yet? Easy connect with your LinkedIn account.
  • If you are outside of Austin, use this Hotlink by clicking here to upload your stuff: http://www.doccaster.com/locker/hotlink/Ztz6mHPsJAXlbk4YXVxH3TAhjSR8bUZIuFXMeAxrw8A%3D

Once your stuff is uploaded, people will be able to view, download, and discuss your materials. Also, you can view the analytics on activity around your content and purchase leads.

We used Doccaster for FLBlogCon last year. Read more about us going paperless with Doccaster.com and Sched.org

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