Creativity Should Be Taught (Infographic #AdobeEDU)

Creativity in Education: Why It MattersAdobe recently discussed in a blog posting that “Creativity should Be Taught Like Math or Science“. The article focused on survey data from  a study, Creativity and Education: Why it Matters, produced by research firm Edelman Berland. In this study 88% of the U.S. professionals surveyed believe that creativity should be built into standard curricula. While 78% say it is important in their career, 32% don’t feel comfortable thinking creatively in their work, and a large majority (78%) wishes they had more creative ability.

It’s becoming more important that education incorporates a framework to build creativity into all grade levels. In both K-12 and higher education it’s important that we see creativity development delivered in compelling, engaging ways. It’s important that we don’t just teach to the test, because it sometimes result in a decreased focus on creativity.

Should teaching and incorporating creativity be an important criteria in the curriculum? I would say, yes, it’s just as important as building basic skills such as math and science.

Read more about Adobe’s thoughts on this subject and find detailed results: “Creativity should Be Taught Like Math or Science

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