Arqball Spin: Creating 360 Spins in Minutes

Arqball SpinKickstarter is one of my favorite sites to find new innovative gadgets that haven’t hit the market. Arqball Spin was one of those products that intrigued me back in May with not only its software for iOS creating 360 spins but the innovative custom stage. Recently, I received my custom stage to try.

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Arqball Spin is a 360° photography solution that works right from your smart phone or tablet. Simply place your object on a turntable and use our free iOS or Android app to capture, edit, and share an interactive 360° spin.

Here is a short video on how easy it can be to create a 360 spin using Arqball Spin.

This type of 360 spin would be great for online retailers, educators, and bloggers.

  • Online Retailers: Create 360 spins of products for your customers to view. This can include posting on eBay and other online retailers.
  • Educators: Creating 360 spins of physical products to explore online and provide tags using the app. This could be used for testing purposes with labeling different parts of a product with numbers or letters.
  • Bloggers: Reviewing products or showcasing a project or new recipe to your followers.

Here are two samples of 360 spins created:

Arqball has various plans available but you can try it out for yourself for free.

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