Widgets, Gadgets, and Apps for Bloggers (Plus other geeks) #FLBlogCon

CFLBlogCon locker on DoccasterI’m presenting at Florida Blogger Conference (FLBlogCon) on Saturday, September 15, 2012 at the Orlando Science Center. This conference includes 250 fellow bloggers and social media enthusiast in Florida coming together for a hyper local conference.

I took a bunch of time to put together this documents/presentation that includes examples, preview, and great extra information you can easily follow up on to try these out for yourself.

The fully interactive PDF document is available in the CFLBlogCon locker on Doccaster.

Check out the Slideshare below (but this won’t let you download the presentation)

What is your new favorite app/gadget/widget?

Tweet me at @professorjosh #FLBlogCon or leave a comment below.

UPDATED! I recorded my presentation LIVE via a flipcam and the audio came out pretty decent! Watch it!

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