How to Give +K on the New Klout Mobile App

If you haven’t check out the Klout app, it now includes the ability to give +K on various topics with anyone on Klout via its mobile app. This is great because it was lacking when the app first came out earlier this year.  I have blogged before about how to give +K on the regular Klout site but now it’s time to give some +K on the go.

Download the iOS app here for your iPhone:

You can easily access one of your top influencers by click on thier photo on your profile page to see what topics you can give +K too.

Click on one of your influencers on the Klout App
You can easily access any influencers by click magnifine glass at the top right of the page.  You can search by their Twitter name and access their profile page to see what topics you can give +K to them.

Find a user on Klout to give +K by clicking the magnify glass
You can easily slide your finger across a topic from left to right to give a user +K. Note: If you aren’t eligible to give them +K it won’t let you complete the slide across the topic to show that you have given them the +K.

Slide Your Finger Across a Topic to Give +K

Now you are welcome to share what you gave the person a +K in on Twitter. But just remember you probably don’t want to over share Klout and clog up your Twitter feed.

Share the +K on Twitter

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