Kickstarter: Arqball Spin: 3D For Everyone Funded But You Still Have Time To Order

arqball spin sample pictureI recently came across and funded another Kickstarter project: Arqball Spin. This product was going to be a great addition to my gadgets and gizmos.

Arqball was founded by Jason Lawrence and Abhi Shelat, two Computer Science professors at the University of Virginia with PhDs from Princeton and MIT.

They released Arqball Spin, a free iPhone app, that captures spins of an object on a rotating stage, which simulates rotating the phone’s camera in a perfect circle around the object. The optimal speed is three revolutions per minute (RPM), which captures all of the rich details of any object in just 20 seconds. This is a short (and silent) video illustrating the complete process of using Arqball Spin to create, edit, and share a spin (please note that the stage shown in this video is one of their early prototypes):

This product would be a great low cost solution for bloggers, online retailers, and educators to create rotating 3D images of any small objects. The app has the ability to add labels that will rotate with the object, making it even more ideal for educational use. Here is how this can be embed into a website or blog.

It’s currently funded but it’s not too late to get your Arqball Spin: 3D For Everyone but you can still order your very own rotation stage┬áhere. They are offering a special “early adopter rate” for a limited time: one stage costs $60 (+ free shipping in the US).

I’m looking forward to getting my stage in late June to try out with various tech objects and even food.

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