Doccaster an Orlando Based Startup Plans to Disrupt Document Sharing

Doccaster Logo Doccaster, an Orlando-based startup spun out of a previous effort called Gotootie, which was an early player in the location-based chat scene launched back in 2010. Co-founders Kyle Steele (CEO) and Himanshu Pagey (CTO), who met while at the University of Central Florida, have now narrowed their focus to document sharing based on lcoation, with a specific emphasis on the convention space.

Doccaster wants to disrupt document-sharing, but it’s attacking the space from a different angle: it’s not just about storing files in the “cloud,” it’s about tying files to a particular location. Launching a beta version of its web-based utility this week that lets users upload then broadcast any number of files. Those files immediately become available to anyone within a 15-mile radius and can be searched for either by proximity or by a Doccaster ID (similar to a username).

Orlando is a great location for this startup, due to the popularity of Orlando among conventions. Orlando, Florida host 25 of the top 250 shows and usually ranks 3rd place behind Chicago and Las Vegas.

“Our goal is to become the preferred tool which the 205M attendees use to publically share and discuss documents at the 1.8M conferences, business meeting and trade shows taking place annually.” Kyle Steele CEO Doccaster

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Doccaster found a solution to many of the problems with printed literature, including not just the cost of printing documents, their distribution, the environmental impact, and the lack of analytics for documents around things like views, shares, and comments. Doccaster tracks all those metrics, enabling companies to see the views, demographics and conversations around their files uploaded to the platform.

Interestingly, the document discussion aspect is tied to the location, too. Only those in or near the venue can join in, which makes the product different than an online office suite or cloud storage company. “As we move forward, our challenge will be to continue providing features which enhance our users experience and reduce friction during the sharing and discussing of files. Key to that effort are the development of mobile apps, offering strong analytics and integrating with private file sharing services like Dropbox, Amazon, Google Drive and Box are critical,” stated Kyle.

The introduction of the Doccaster ID is another element that conference participants can use to make their files more easily available. Instead of having to search through all the files at that location, you can put in a company’s ID to pull up just their shared files.

During its beta, Doccaster will remain free, but at some point in the future, the plan is to transition to a freemium model built around document activity. Also in the works are mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android but will currently work on the mobile web.

Interested users can sign up now, here, from web or mobile.

Central Florida has started to develop it’s tech community in the last few years. Kyle states, “The Central Florida technology and creative community has been instrumental in our development and journey as a young startup. When I look at this product and our company, Florida’s finger prints are all over it.”

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  • Daryl Holt, Chief Operating Officer, EA Sports
  • Ben Noel, Executive Director, Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy
  • Carlos Carbonell, Co-Founder & CEO, Echo Interaction Group
  • Pete McAlindon, Co-Founder, Gazelle Lab Orlando
  • Craig Ustler, Real Estate Developer, Creative Village Downtown Orlando
  • Gregg Pollack, Founder, Envy Labs and Code School

Moderated By: Kyle Christian Steele, Co-Founder & CEO, Doccaster

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