BarCamp Orlando: Cooperative Learning on 4/14

BarCamp Orlando

On April 14, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. the 5th annual BarCamp Orlando will be hosted downtown at The Plaza building. This event isn’t about drinking competition or a training camp for bartenders. It’s about the desire to share and learn in an open environment

What is it?

BarCamp Orlando is an annual community-building event which aims to bring people from different backgrounds together for cooperative learning. Technologies such as Ruby, PHP, Java and C will be present alongside graphic design, music, photography, and other new media. Typically they provide free t-shirts and lunch to all attendees with assistance from sponsors.

The First Rule of BarCamp

It is strongly recommended that attendees give a demo, a session, or help with one. Don’t be intimidated by this, just pick something you’re passionate about and come give a talk on it. It could be anything… an operating system you use, a language you program with, or how to wash your cat. We have four speaking rooms at our venue, and a projector will be available at all but one.

Talks will be scheduled on the day of the event (that’s part of the fun). We’ll build a speaker schedule on a whiteboard starting at 9:30 am. Come early if you want to guarantee a speaking spot!


BarCamp will take place in the heart of downtown Orlando’s tech scene at The Plaza. We’ll have four areas available for presentations in the north tower: Voxeo’s 10th floor common area, and three in the 20th floor space that is home to Envy Labs and Code School.

For more information and how to register for free:

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