Generation Text: Teenagers & Smart Phones (Infographic)

Wondering about texting and teens? Texting is the new call me for most teenagers. The infographic below from Online Schools show the trends of texting teens. How can this type of data be important to parents, educators, and startups?

Look at the demographic you are trying to reach;

(1) Are they more likely to text than send a Facebook message?

(2) Why do they prefer texting?

(3) Are there secure methods for texting to protect the privacy of both students and educators? (ConnectYard could be an alternative to let them choose preferred methods)

(4) What tools need to have integration built into a variety of educational platforms or startups?

Truthfully, I’m more of a Facebook messenger guy or you can always find me on Twitter. I like not having to giving everyone my personal cellphone number to about everyone and plus I don’t need to spend the money on a unlimited texting plan. I much more prefer my unlimited data plan. Now with the upgrade of iOS5 and the upcoming release of Mountain Lion to include iMessage, anyone that does have iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or a new Mac can connect for free too.

Do you thinking texting will continue or move toward another media as more mobile technology is integrated into our world overflow with mobile devices with 100 times  more computing power than my first computer?

Teenagers and cell phones
Courtesy of: Online Schools

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