Social Fresh: One Sketch at a Time

I recently attended Social Fresh East, a conference all about social media. Social Fresh had 14 jam packed sessions from some of the top social media minds in the industry from around the country. I plan on putting together some of my thoughts and favorites in a future post. I wanted to post about one of my surprised creations that seemed to be a hit.

I took a variety of photos through the two days at Social Fresh. I posted a bunch through Instagram with the hashtag #socialfresh via my iPad Camera Connection Kit for my SD Card. I decided that I want to play around sketch one of the photos that I felt best represented Social Fresh. Chuck Hemann (@chuckhemann) had a great orange argyle sweater that was screaming Social Fresh!

The original photo taken:

SocialFresh Chuck Hemann Photo

The sketch create via my iPad with Draw Pad app during Social Fresh: 

Social Fresh Sketch Chuck Hemann

Chuck loved the sketch and has made it his official Twitter avatar.

I decided to sketch a few more photos from Social Fresh.

Social Fresh Sketch Jason Keath
Jason Keath
Social Fresh Sketch Jay Baer
Jay Baer
Social Fresh Sketch Scott Monty
Scott Monty
Social Fresh Sketch Adrian Parker
Adrian Parker
Social Fresh Sketch Chris Moody
Chris Moody
Social Fresh Sketch Shauna Causey
Shauna Causey
Social Fresh Sketch Professor Josh
Self Portrait - Professor Josh

I still might sketch a few more of the speakers from Social Fresh or might start a new trend of me to sketch someone at events. I’m curious of what all the speakers think of their sketches. I’m not a professional sketch artist but thought it was a fun twist on normal photo.

UPDATE! Posted on the Social Fresh East Facebook Group:

And we have our winner for the best #socialfresh image of the conference from Josh Murdock, an illustration of Chuck Hemann via his iPad. Orange slices and Argyle, Josh captured the event well.

Josh will get to choose between two prizes: 3 months of Social Fresh Academy for free, or a free full access pass to Social Fresh WEST in San Diego this Fall.

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