Another Kickstarter: PopSockets iPhone Case – It Pops, Props, Kicks and Clips

I came across another Kickstarter this week, which drew my attention quickly with its innovative iPhone case design, called PopSockets, created by an fellow educator. The video by David Barnett, founder of PopSockets, LLC, and professor of philosophy at the University of Colorado-Boulder is a must watch. David doesn’t know a lot about Kickstarter videos but he knows how to dance! Hilarious video and definitely will catch some attention in the tech world.

PopSocket Blue

PopSockets innovative sockets allow you to have your iPhone case  function as a kickstand, a headset management system, a pocketless clip, a gaming cradle, a shoulder stand, and a one-hand stand. I’m sure you could think of a few other uses for this device too.  Check out more about it here:

PopSockets ended day 3 with 73% of the funding pledged (goal $12,000). Sounds like this Kickstarter will be funded very quickly. I would get on it while space is available still for a variety of the pledge amounts. David is attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas this week too, maybe addition attention will come his way thought all the tech bloggers and news sources.

Follow them on Twitter @popsocketer or “Like”  them on Facebook at .

I pledge my $25 and can’t wait to check out my case in a few months.

Kickstarter Pledge PopSockets

Update on other Kickstarters:

jaja :: Worlds First Pressure Sensitive Stylus for iPad

About 20% funded but still has 27 to go and catch some attention.

Find My Car Smarter

Reached way beyond it’s goal (about 300% funded) and has it’s first review:

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