Social Media in 2011 Infographic: What’s Next for 2012?

Take a look at this infographic below by Flow Town about “What Mattered in 2011 for Social Media. A few of the key items mentions make me think about what might be next for 2012.

What will be next big thing to come out of SXSW this year? That is always hard to predict.

The word Gamification was born at SXSW 2011 and continued to help many startups thrive. Who will be some of the best companies to use gamification in 2012? Can the educational market utilize gamification to help students succeed?

Celebrities and Politicians will need to keep a handle on their social media presence in 2012 to keep companies sponsoring them and their constituents happy. Hopefully users will understand their digital footprint in 2012.

Google+ really came out of no where with Google entering the social networking arena with it’s latest tool. Remember it’s still in it’s infancy and will continue to be developed in 2012. Don’t expect it to take over with the masses but expect it to be integrated more in a variety of ways and gain a certain following of users.Google+ launched it’s brand page,  you have to wonder how much that might help increase your brand in showing up in a search.

Instagram IconInstagram reached 13 million users and all I see is major growth, unless it gets bought out in 2012. On the verge of launching it’s android app, see Instagram continue to help people share and connect through pictures in 2012 with more integration from social networks and physically printed items.

With Facebook purchasing Gowalla in late 2011, what is in store for this check-in/storytelling location based app? Disney has always been a big fan of Gowalla with custom badges galore. Gowalla in higher education has had a few things going for it but maybe will help improve Facebook’s timeline with check-ins to tell a story of your life, trip, or tour around a college campus.

Those are just a few of my thoughts based on What Mattered in 2011 to what’s next for 2012. What are your thoughts for 2012?

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