Xtranormal Adds Something Extra to Online Content

xtranormal logoWondering how to tell your story, explain an important topic, or develop a tutorial utilizing unique actors, scenes, and effects.

Check out Xtranormal today!

I developed a short intro video for my blog using my virtual assistant Lucy. Watch this short intro and image the variety of content you could create using this type of software.

The site isn’t free to publish your creation but it’s minimal cost. You can preview your creation, play with all the camera setting, movements, facial expression, and actors before publishing your product. The keys to success is developing a well written script.

You must purchase your actors and sets. Once you purchase certain actors and sets you get to keep them. Publishing cost 100 points, points can be purchased online.I did notice an educator account that is $10 a month for unlimited sets, actors, and publishing that would be great for someone developing a large amount of resources using Xtranormal.

It’s easy to share your creations and can be exported to YouTube in seconds. You can request a HD download of your creation too.

Here is a second example video created for introducing Xtranormal to a faculty development course for multimedia tools. Don’t miss out on the robot joke!

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