It’s all about the MOO: MiniCards that make a statement

MOO is a company that bring creativity, quality, and personalization to print unique items for personal or professional use. Printfinity’ is an unique option of printing a different image on every card in the pack they make available. This could be used to show off your portfolio, your products or your range of skills. It could be a great conversation starter helping people to remember you, and your business.

I got to try out the MOO Mini Cards via a Klout Perk, which only required me to pay shipping. They are half the size of a standard business card, which makes them unique and very portable. I decided to just go with both sides being the same this round. I decided to develop my own cards in Photoshop.

Here is my MOO Mini Cards design:


I browsed through a variety of designs available and was very impressed with the creativity and unique qualities. It’s nice to have a variety of print quantity options available, especially small numbers that could be needed for an one time event. I would really like to try out the rounded corner business cards in the future. I thought the “I made you a mix tape” was creative, retro, and would definitely standout for business in the music industry. Maybe that’s just the 80’s in me?

moo mini cards

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Learn more about the MOO experience from their promotion video below or visit them online

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  1. I did the design myself putting together a few elements from creative commons clipart and I recently saw something similar that had a message about how to use a QR Code that was catchy

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