Internet Technology Summit: Innovation and Inspiration #ITS2011

Two words quickly come to mind when I reflect on the Internet Technology Summit 2011: Innovation and Inspiration. I was invited to attend the summit by the TechVenture 2011 team, I have been working with to help plan TechVenture at Hard Rock Live, December 2-3, 2011.

It was the first week of classes at Valencia, so first up was my Student Success course at 7 a.m. – Yes you read that right 7 a.m.! I ended up at the Tampa Convention Center around 10:00 a.m. with iPad in hand ready to tweet the day away. The Panel Discussion: “Life in The Cloud” was wrapping but I did take away the notion that software in the cloud means instant roll-out of new features to all customers.

Fellow Blogger, Katy Widrick of Growing Bolder @kwidrick was the host of ITS2011 – she did an awesome job introducing guest, giving us a few laughs, and giving away a few prizes.

ITS2011 Katy Wadrick

I’m just going to sum up each panel or speaker with a few highlights or takeaways.

Richard Wifall, Fellow at Row Sham Bow, Former CTO of EA Sports

Row Sham Bow (stands for rock paper scissors by the way)

Embrace change & innovation

Box 2D is the technology behind Angry Birds is similar to physics simulator was based on open source software

Change is difficult – you need to experience it not just read about it

Two keys to prototyping – it’s quick and it’s answering questions

Keynote: Carlos Dominguez, Office of Chairman & CEO, Cisco

Very dynamic speaker who captivated the audience

Time Magazine’s Person of the Year – You 2006 and We (Mark Z Facebook) 2010

10 years ago no big social networks, 20 years ago mobile & dot com jobs didn’t exists.

Net Generation – Growing up digital! Wired Digitally – makes me think of my Millennials presentation

Connected devices – everything being connected online & talking to each other – example tracking trash

IBM CEO survey – Their business: 60% is more complicated and 65% will be more complex in 5 years

Turning point in history – every business, government, & society is rebooting with technology

A few keys to successful tech business: Harness Assets Across Organization, Focus on Innovation, Leverage Technology, Culture of Change, Rewards Creativity

Yelp choose my lunch – I was craving sushi and somewhere close by – Jackson’s Bistro

20110909-094918.jpg 20110909-094944.jpg

Panel Discussion: “Social Enterprise Now and Beyond”

Social Enterprise Panel

Social Media Club Orlando‘s Mark Krupinski  @markkrupinski of Mind Comet moderated the panel

Question: What is your policy social media – Do you block it? Productivity is a excuse: They have a phone they are using it anyways

Less than 5% of total marketing is spent on social media in most businesses – why so small with growth of social media?

Content is shared via social media – search engines are building in factors for ranking based on how it’s being shared

Thank bloggers or social media ambassadors – comment, give them something, promote them – they will be committed to your business

Panel Discussion: “There’s More To Mobile…”

There's More to Mobile Panel

Mobile going from “nice to have” to “need to have”

“More people go back home for their cell phone than their wallet,” – Carlos D.” Soon your phone will be your wallet!

What will be the hardest thing in a fully mobile wallet? I believe going digital & mobile on DL or Gov’t IDs – slow movement

Fireside Chat with John Kosner, Senior VP & GM, ESPN Digital Media

ITS2011 Fireside Chat

Mobile Alerts along with video clips for college football starting Saturday via ESPN Digital Media

Innovation, Multimedia, & Ability to Achieve Scale

ESPN sells the sports experience via digital media

Closing Speaker: Todd Simpson, Chief of Innovation, Mozilla

Chief of Innovation Modzilla

Boot to Gecko B2G is talking about booting to the web

Web Apps Market Place – open source, encourage competition, apps where the web runs (mobile, pc, mac)

Don’t forget about Orlando – Hard Rock Live –  Dec 5 &6 – TechVenture 2011

TechVenture 2011 is a first look at emerging technology companies and cutting-edge entrepreneurs. Showcasing progressive, thought leaders, new concepts, tools and resources, TechVenture 2011 provides a platform for peer-to-peer interaction and crowdsourcing.

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