#SMCEDU Twitter Chat Switches to #SMEDU Chat Starting Today

#SMCEDU chats have been on hold the majority of summer with many faculty and students away from the classroom (lucky them) but they return today (Wednesday 8/10/11) with a new hashtag #SMEDU on a new day (Wednesdays) and at two new times (Noon & 9 p.m. EST).

Today’s topic is the Social Media Global Education Connection Project. Want to know more? Click Here!

I plan on joining in on at least one of the chats today; most likely the 9 p.m. chat.

Don’t understand what a Twitter Chat is all about? I blogged about it a couple months ago, find out more at  What’s a Twitter Chat?.

Here is a recap of the last #SMCEDU chat hosted by yours truly. Recap of #SMCEDU Webinar: Millennials, Social Media, & Education. This was a unique chat/webinar discussing how social media could be tool to engage the millennial generation.

Remember: New Bat Channel (#SMEDU), New Bat Time (Noon & 9 a.m.), &  New Bat Bay (Wednesdays) – Who would have thought I could throw in a Batman original TV Show reference?

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