5 Reasons Apple TV is a must for any Apple Users

This past Christmas I was fortunate enough to be a receiver of a new Apple TV. Thanks again Mom! Of course it’s a relativity new gadget from Apple and I have heard nothing but good things about it from friends. Old Apple TV’s are very different from this version, mainly no internal storage.

I probably could go into about hundred reasons why if you own a Macbook, iPhone, or iPad you should invest the $99 into getting an Apple TV. Today, I’ll just settle for 5 key reasons.

Reason #1

Netflix Rocks! One of the best interfaces for Netflix around – period.

Of course you need to have a Netflix account but I think most humans that have internet access have a Netflix account anymore, especially Apple users with the great iPhone and iPad apps available.

Reason #2

Apple AirPlay continues to change the way we experience mobile with the opportunity to expand what’s on your mobile device to your Apple TV connected to your 52″ Plasma TV. iOS 5 will have the ability to doing mirroring (show what’s on your screen) AirPlay with the iPad 2. Check out some of my favorite AirPlay iPad Apps.

Reason #3

A great way to view photos and videos taken on your iPhone on a larger screen through AirPlay. iPhone 4 has excellent camera. Many of my pictures are taken with my iPhone  4 and Camera+ App. Why not view these on an much larger screen! Great for sharing photos with family and friends, just don’t do the family vacation slide show with 200 pictures, that will put everyone to sleep.

Reason #4

Browse and play YouTube videos, watch your favorite HD podcasts (maybe I should start my tech podcast?), and listen to Internet radio through your rocking speakers. Apple TV even lets you access Flickr photos. All this from the biggest screen in the house.

Reason #5

Did you get some great movies or TV shows from iTunes recently? They don’t have to stay on your computer, iPhone, or iPad. For entertainment to the max, stream your digital collection over the air to your Apple TV. Don’t forget to call dibs on the comfy couch.

What are you waiting for? Go get your Apple TV today!

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3 Comments on “5 Reasons Apple TV is a must for any Apple Users

  1. AppleTV is changing how we as a family watch things. I’m not quite ready to give up cable, but that day is coming! We had the older version and recently upgraded. One of the better purchases we’ve made recently! I also like using the iPad as my remote…makes typing things in easier 🙂

  2. Apple TV is coming up with new features. As technology is improving day by day, this gadget is getting more advanced & easy to access. All reasons you mentioned are specified & this has increased the number of Apple users. Thanks for sharing this article.

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