Boot Camp for Online Instruction: Are You in Shape to Teach Online?

It’s that time again at Valencia College, where we push willing participates to the limits to prepare them to teach online. This three-day intensive course addresses the pedagogy and technology essentials for teaching online using Valencia’s learning management system (LMS), currently Blackboard Learn 9.1. Faculty Development and Learning Technology Services (LTS) are partnering again to bring this opportunity, in a revised hybrid format, to faculty who will be teaching online or hybrid in the near future.

The course consists of 10 hours pedagogy and 10 hours technology training delivered in a hybrid formats.  Participants will master the essential tools of Blackboard and use those tools to produce and implement interactive content in their online courses.  Participants will also develop a framework of online best practice strategies for engaging, instructing, supporting, and communicating with students in the online environment.  In addition to gaining essential skills to teach in an online environment, participants will produce one orientation/welcome module and at least one content module for their course.

Sample agenda (past agenda)

View faculty members’ reflections on the Boot Camp experience  (past participates)

Currently the program is over two weeks, which include two Fridays and one Saturday. The two Fridays focus on both the pedagogy and technology pieces needed to become a successful online instructor, co-faciliated by Faculty Development and LTAD. Saturday is where faculty put together all the pieces to begin development of their online course with personal assistance from an instructional designer or an experience online faculty in groups of only 2-3 participates.

This course is just a part of the Faculty Development partnership with Learning Technology Services as a team effort to train faculty on a variety issues and skills regarding teaching in a web-enhance, hybrid, or online environment.

Other programs include:

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Information gather from and personal experience as a facilitator for Boot Camp for Online Instruction.

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  1. I appreciate this online teaching programme. Every module is designed effectively with regular courses at regular timings. This will increase the productivity level of students. I want to suggest that there must be seminars included & extra curricular activities must be engaged for students. This will boost their performance & will increase their interest level. Waiting for next article with more changes. Thanks for sharing this.

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