Have you Glogged lately?

Glogging isn’t a new sport for the 2020 Olympics but a great way to build interactive digital posters to share.

Glogging the Day AwayGlogster is a social network that allows users to create free interactive posters, or glogs. A glog, short for graphical blog, is an interactive multimedia image. It looks like a poster, but readers can interact with the content. Add text, pictures, hyperlinks, videos, music, and more to build your own creation with a easy to use interface with lots of built in themes to make it super easy.

Glogster has an educational side too. Glogster EDU is a platform for the expression of knowledge, creativity, and skills utilizing the Glogster technology. The Glogster EDU bring a few extra features into the mix, including collaborative class projects, teacher management of students,  and a private and safe student environment. Glogster EDU meets the national educational technology and content area standards for teachers and students of all ages.

EDU PremiumA quick 4 point synopsis of Glogster EDU:

  1. Creation Interface is very easy to understand with drag and drop interface that can appeal to all ages and learning styles. The multimedia elements include: text, audio, video, images, graphics, drawings, and data.
  2. A few of the key features include messaging, profile skins, comments, assignments, RSS, privacy control, favorite Glogs, Glog alerts, Glog library, rating, and student management.
  3. EDU Premium features include full student/class management, extra graphics galleries, tech support, student sharing, Glog attachments, student portfolios, no ads, and Glog drawings.
  4. Few ways to share Glogs from Glogster EDU inlclude embed codes, wikispaces, Edmodo, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, WordPress, portofilos, email, social b0okmarking sites, or share the link.

Create your Glog NOW!What could you use Glogs for in education?

  • Book Reports
  • Research Reports
  • Class Projects
  • Presentations
  • Tours
  • Digital Knowledge Libraries
  • Digital Posters (Be Green!)
  • Homework
  • Distance Learning Projects
  • Student Introductions
  • Creative & Fun Learning

I have started to replace a website creation assignments for my college level Educational Technology course to have a Glog option for the assignment. My students seem to love it and find it will work great for them in their future or current K-12 classrooms.

Here are a couple example I found online:

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