Sneak Peek at SoftChalk 7

SoftChalk 7Recently I got a sneak peek at SoftChalk 7 through one of their webinars. SoftChalk 7 will be released at the end of July and I can’t wait to try it out. I have been a fan of SoftChalk, which is basically a easy to use lesson builder developing the HTML for you behind the scenes. We have a site license at Valencia open to all our faculty and staff to utilize this products to build engaging, interactive, and professional looking lesson that can be imported into Blackboard, saved on a web server, or stand alone on a CD.

Few newly added features for SoftChalk 7:

SoftChalk Smart Mobile – SoftChalk content can now be specially formatted for viewing on smart phone devices. This a great new feature that will be a tool that institution moving to mobile devices, such as the iPad in the classroom will rejoice in having available.

SoftChalk CONNECT Plus – new features support collaborative editing, hosting and managed access to your content, as well as an integrated ScoreCenter to reliably track learner score results from e-Learning content hosted anywhere—on CONNECT, in an LMS, on a webserver, CD-ROM, classroom computers or mobile devices.

ScoreCenter for Moodle – Moodle users rejoice!  SoftChalk ScoreCenter for Moodle is now a reality! Come see the easy, reliable way to track score results data from SoftChalk content into the Moodle gradebook. The ScoreCenter is already a reality for Blackboard. The latest version of the SoftChalk Blackboard (Bb) Building block (1.0.7) now has a “synch” feature called the Synchronize Copied Content tool. After you copy a course, or export and import a course in Bb 9, it will synch all of the SoftChalk ScoreCenter content with the Bb gradebook so that it is ready to go for the next semester.

SoftChalk authoring – featuring six new activity templates designed for mobile devices, a new “embed” tool to easily embed web pages, pdfs and other files in your learning content, and many more exciting new enhancements.

Want to see these new features for yourself? Sign up now for a upcoming sneak peek webinar:

Monday, July 11 2:00pm ET
Tuesday, July 26 1:00pm ET

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