Social Media Club Orlando Topics: QR Code, Facebook Tagging, & EdgeRank

Each month the Social Media Club’s Orlando Chapter gets together for a Meetup to socialize, grab a drink, and discuss any topics up for grabs. This month’s Meetup was at Orlando Brewing near Downtown Orlando.

QR Code: Is it a fad or sticking around for awhile? 

QR Code was up for discussion with a variety of different opinions and levels of interest. Learning more about QR Code Basics and Some QR Codes Around Central Florida. I think QR Code still have a little ways to go with the general public but it’s catching on with more advertisers using them in everything from posters, magazine ads, store displays and promotional items. QR Code has been around for awhile in Japan and seems to be growing in the US due to the number of smart phones growing and growing each year.

Another part of this discussion was on if Microsoft Tag could be the next big thing or would the more general QR Codes that don’t require a specific app still rule the mobile world. I would think QR Code would win the war over Microsoft Tag, like VHS won over Betamax. Lots of different applications exist for QR Codes but my preferred reader is actually the AT&T Code Scanner App, seems to pick codes up the best from my experience and has a very other features I seem to like over the other I have tried. It’s available for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, & Android.

Here is my latest example – Professor Josh Business Cards!

Professor Josh Business Cards

Most likely the next big move in mobile technology will be NFC but until that really picks up I’ll stick with the use of QR Codes. NFC Technology: 6 Ways It Could Change Our Daily Lives

Facebook Tagging: Good or Bad News for Facebook Page Administrators?

Just in case you haven’t heard the news You Can Now Tag Pages in Facebook Photos!

What might this mean for FB Page Admins? Starting this past Wednesday, users are able to tag Pages for Brands & Products as well as People (more options coming soon) in their Facebook photos. This could be great for brands or could mean a lot more SPAM to clean up when people taking your page that shouldn’t be tagging it or just trying to promote their own business.

For those who concerned about their privacy, Facebook assures that privacy settings will still apply; if your photos are visible to everyone, everyone will be able to see the tagged snap, and if your photos are set to “only friends,” only friends will be able to check out that pic of you standing in front of the local Starbucks.

EdgeRank: What are you talking about?

Wondering more about EdgeRank check out to get a better idea on how this works. Basically your EdgeRank helps determine how likely you will show up on someone’s Top Feeds.

Facebook defines EdgeRank as a mathematical equation:
Comparing a multitude of Facebook Pages Insights, we began to discover a trend between several data sets. We began working on an algorithm that is admittedly a work in the progress that is tweaked often to reflect the most accurate representation of EdgeRank on the internet.

I am definitely not the expert in this fields but a few folks at Social Media Club Orlando have been doing some research on this, including breaking down Facebook analytic to figure out a little more about the formula.

Lots more was discussed in the dark backroom of the Orlando Brewing as the night went on.

Including a plug for something I’m involved for those interested in Blogging (Just Starting or Advanced Bloggers) called Central Florida Blogger Conference on July 16th.

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